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This studio is a combination of everything I’ve ever enjoyed about yoga over the course of 10 years. A beautiful mix of plenty of stretching and strength with a framework of mind over body, always.

Myriam St-Hilaire, Founder of OM Yoga

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Online Yoga Classes Alliston: A Better Option Than Exercise and Gym

Yoga is better than other exercises and workouts at gyms because yoga improves overall health and makes you calm, active, and happy. Yoga is a combination of different poses, postures, meditation, and breathing techniques which makes it a complete fitness program. Yoga’s ultimate purpose is to keep you in a constant state of awareness. In yoga, the “actual self” or “ultimate self” is realized by transcending the mind. You get a pure understanding of who you are, and all mental and philosophical structures dissolve in this sense of reality. Yoga has a pleasant effect on the body and doesn’t tire you, which is common after gyming or other exercises. Online yoga classes in Alliston can be taken anywhere; whether you are at home or traveling somewhere, you just need an internet connection to start your session. While with other physical fitness programs, you need particular types of equipment that are mostly not available everywhere.


Do I need yoga training before practicing yoga?

Nothing works without training. It would help if you did not attempt to do yoga on your own; instead, enroll in a class. Yoga instructors may assist with meditation, and they’ll speed up your yoga learning process and give you a deeper understanding of this age-old practice. This training will enhance your performance and productivity. You’ll need to take a class with a certified yoga instructor to learn about all the many yoga positions and styles. Explore the online yoga training programs offered by OM YOGA for more detail.
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Reasons To Take Our Online Yoga Classes in Alliston

Online yoga platform OM Yoga helps you improve your lifestyle by arranging live yoga classes. Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin Yoga are a few types of yoga that we offer in our online yoga classes in Alliston. Our professionals use Hatha yoga for stress management.

Our home yoga instructors concentrate on assisting others with their expertise and experience. Those battling with physical or emotional challenges may consult us for guidance and rehabilitation. A few yoga trainers we have on board are Jackie, Michelle, and Robin; all of them are practicing yoga experts. Their therapies and training have benefitted many students, and they’re eager to take on new learners through their online yoga platform. You may take advantage of our online yoga classes in Alliston. Sign up today to start your fitness program.

Our Team

Jackie first began her yoga journey in her early 20's, but then life happened. She reunited with the practice in 2010 when that old flame came back to life in an "oh there you are" moment. As her personal practice progressed, so did her need to grow and share with others what yoga has to offer.
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Michelle is a CYA - 500YTT certified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2019. Not only is she a teacher, but she is a student too, and has been practicing yoga since 2012. Michelle is a registered Baptiste yoga teacher and specializes in the Baptiste Power Yoga Flow.
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Sophie is a Hatha Vinyasa RYT 200 passionate in activating transformative healing to generate a peaceful existence of consciousness.
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